Arthur Hayes opticians use the most up to date technology for eye tests including 3D retinal scanning, glaucoma screening, cataract assessment, keratoconus monitoring, macular degeneration assessment, dry eye treatment, dyslexia and visual stress.

Eye Examinations

At Arthur Hayes Opticians we provide the most thorough and complete eye examination possible using the latest technology. We understand that no two patients are the same + the eye examination is tailored to meet your precise needs. The eye examination appointment will last approximately 30 minutes and below is an idea of what to expect.

Firstly you will have your eyes measured using an auto-refractor which is a non-invasive procedure to allow us to see the shape of the cornea. This will be followed by a visual field measurement (where appropriate) to provide a definitive reading to the sensitivity of your peripheral vision. A thorough history and symptoms are established to cover any causes of concern or issues you may be experiencing and to ensure we address any specific visual requirements you may have. If you are a current spectacle wearer we will measure the power of your spectacles and record your vision using them.

The binocular vision assessment of your visual system is evaluated which includes convergence testing and pupil assessment where necessary. Intraocular pressures will be taken (if over 30 years old or have a family history of glaucoma) and this follows on to a thorough check of the front and back of the eyes. This includes fundus photographs of the retina where appropriate along with a detailed microscopic view of the front and back of the eye. With our new equipment, the Zeiss OCT, we can map every layer in the retina to see it in minute detail. This information is studied by the optometrists and also acts as a monitoring tool for any changes that may occur to the retina in the years that follow.

After all these health checks have been performed the refraction is carried out to determine your distance vision and reading vision prescriptions. The eyes are balanced and the new prescription verified. At the end of the consultation we will explain the results to you along with a clear course of action. If new spectacles are required our highly experienced dispensers will be ready to discuss and guide you through the process of choosing a new frame with the best spectacle lenses for your particular prescription.

A private eye examination is for anyone aged 1 to 100+ years old. At Arthur Hayes Opticians we recommend an annual or two yearly eye examination depending on your visual status.

Blepharitis Treatment

At Arthur Hayes Opticians in East Grinstead we treat blepharitis using the latest technology. Itchy, red, irritated eyes or eyelids? You may well have blepharitis. BlephEx is the First and Only Clinician Treatment for Blepharitis. Over 30% of all patients suffer from some type of blepharitis symptoms. BlephEx is a new, in-office procedure that allows the clinician to take an active role in treating blepharitis. This treatment reduces scurf and bacterial debris, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease, and improves the overall health of the eyelid. Patients will finally enjoy a life free from the chronic and irritating symptoms associated with blepharitis. The BlephEx treatment is well tolerated and only takes a few minutes to perform.

Learn more about BlephEx

If you are interested in attending an appointment for BlephEx treatment please telephone the East Grinstead practice to make an appointment.

OCT 3D Retinal Imaging

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is non-invasive imaging using light waves to take cross-sectional pictures of the retina. It is an extremely advanced health check for people of all ages and is different from the standard digital retinal photographs as these only image the surface of the back of the eye. This scan sees beneath the retina to parts that cannot be seen with basic instruments. With OCT, each of the retina’s distinctive layers can be seen with details discernible to micrometres. By imaging the macular we can see if you have any signs of macular degeneration, macular holes or epi-retinal membrane. These often can’t be seen by standard imaging.

An OCT scan also looks at the thickness of the nerve fibres as they radiate out from the optic nerve to the peripheral retina. When glaucoma damages these nerve fibre layer they thin. The OCT scan reveal the thickness of these nerves and compares them with how the fibres should look using age matched data. For those with a family history of glaucoma we take a baseline scan initially and then compare future scans to this to detect subtle early signs of glaucoma which we have never been able to do before.

If you are interested in having this specialist appointment please email or telephone the East Grinstead practice to make your appointment.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye is an increasingly common + distressing condition for many patients. It is thought that somewhere in the region of one in every three people over the age of 65 suffers from dry eye although people under this age are increasingly visiting the clinic concerned about dry eye.

There are however several treatments that can be implemented and these will be discussed and tested for followed by a bespoke management plan discussed for the particular type of dry eye that presents itself.

No one treatment is the same as every patient is different. Treatment includes changes to diet or supplementing diet as well as specifically targeting the tear constituents.

If you would like to make an appointment for the Dry Eye Clinic please email or telephone the East Grinstead practice.

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are used to treat dry eye. They work by physically restricting the flow of tears from the front of the eye and out via the puncti. The puncti are the plug holes of the lids and by blocking these the tears pool at the front of the eye to make the eye more comfortable. These plugs can be temporary lasting only 3 months or permanent whereby we will remove them for you if/when you want them changing.

Punctal plugs aren’t for all cases of dry eye and a thorough assessment will be made at an initial appointment or as part of the Dry Eye Clinic appointment to discuss the suitability of this treatment.

If you are interested in attending a punctal plug assessment or Dry Eye Clinics please email or telephone the East Grinstead practice to make an appointment.

Dyslexia and Visual Stress

At Arthur Hayes Opticians in East Grinstead we see children and adults who have been diagnosed with dyslexia usually by an educational psychologist or qualified specialist teacher. We also see children who haven’t had an official diagnosis but where is a possibility visual processing my be helped with some investigation and treatment. It is important to remember optometrists do not diagnose dyslexia but we can detect any visual issues that may affect the ability to read including dyslexia, Meares Irlen Syndrome + also visual stress.

It is widely agreed that issues with vision are not a main cause of dyslexia rather that specific visual problems do occur more often in dyslexia. Such problems include reduced focussing at near + unstable coordination between the eyes. Issues such as these can result in visual stress, distortion + eye strain which may have an effect on reading. These findings are also coupled with the evidence that coloured lenses + overlays help to make writing appear more comfortable and easier to process.

This assessment is only suitable for patients over the age of 7 years old + the best results are obtained when children attend a morning appointment rather than after a long day at school.

For patients who have been diagnosed with reading problems a full sight test is carried out (if one hasn’t been done in the recent past), then a binocular vision assessment, fixation disparity + lag of accommodation assessment, along with a coloured overlay and Wilkins Rate of Reading investigation. The consultation takes between 30 minutes + an hour with a full explanation + recommended plan of action. A report can be supplied, at extra cost, if required.

We work closely with our local partner Sarah McCahon Dyslexia Services who provides dyslexia + dyscalculia assessments as well as home visits in Sussex, Surrey + Kent.

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